Hydraulic Tube
Boiler  Heat-exchanger Tube
Capillary Tube
Stainless Steel Coiled Tubing
Stainless Hollow Bar,Stainless Mechanical Tubing
Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe
  DEXTUBE is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel precision tubes in China.
Our main products focus on precision section, especially Boiler & Heat-exchanger Tubes, Hydraulic tubes, Instrumentation tubes, U tubes, Capillary tubes, Coiled tubing as well as Hollow bar.
We aim to provide our clients with high-qualified and cost-effective products in accordance with international or customized standards. With service concept of 'sincerity, profession and efficiency', we provide oversea and domestic customers with perfect value-added service.
With reliable after sales service, our products have been exported to Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, U.S.A, Brazil, Malaysia and Singapore etc with extensive network of clients. Our products have gained high reputation among our customers.
DEXTUBE is ready anytime to cooperate with you for Stainless Steel Precision Tubes
DEXTUBE-Your Trustworthy Partner on Stainless Steel Tubes Solution
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