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Professional in Magnetic Fields Magnetic Test Equipment
Weighing Controller

Magnetometer, Magnetic Scanner,Magnetizer,Electro-Magnet,Magnetic Coils
Weighing Controller,Weighing Transmitter,Load Cell


Twenty years of experience at your service. A variety of standard and non-standard test solutions.


Strict quality control makes each product undergo multiple tests to leave the factory.


Pre-sales patient Q&A and after-sales quick response.

Magnetic Field Generator

Electromagnet , Solenoid , Helmholtz Coil

Magnetic Test Equipment

Gaussmeter , Teslameter , Fluxmeter , Magnetic Scanner …

TR Series Magnetometer and Magnet Analyzer

Automatic indicator and Weighing Controller

Digital Panel Meter,Weighing Transmitter, Load cell


Electro-magnet field generator:5mm air gap 2.6T@10A (φ30mm pole face)

Model : TM130-2.5Tesla Electromagnet


Digital Gaussmeter from 1 Channel – 8 Channel, Accuracy 1% @ 0.1-25000 Gs。

Model: TR640 Digital Gaussmeter

Digital Fluxmeter displays in Wb,Vs and mWb*cm for magnet moment and flux.

Model: TA8008 Digital Fluxmeter

We focus on providing the most cost-effective products and designs.