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Summing Junction Box RW-JX03A

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Weighing cell connector


Working Environment

1. Several load cells aggregate weighing

2. Install closer to load cell

3. Suitable for adverse circumstances


1. Cast aluminum enclosure, waterproof design and strong sealing against harsh environment

2. Available for a maximum of 3 load cells

3. One road output for summing signal and mv signal


Enclosure MaterialCast Aluminum
Net Weight300g
Mounting Hole Size4×Φ4


Applicable Resistance350Ω or 700Ω
Input SignalMax 3 channels mv signal
Output SignalmV
Adjustng ModeAttenuating Output
Power SupplyDC5~12V

Operation Parameter

Working Temperature0-70℃/85%RH
Enclosure Protection ClassIP65
Installation ModeSupporting-feet Fixed Mounding



Load Cell Terminal and Potentiometer
1#AInput Terminal2#AInput Termial3#AInput Terminal4#Output Termial
1#aGain Potentiometer2#aGain Potentiometer3#aGain Potentiometer
Load Cell Wiring Mode(No.1-5 connection hole)
DefinitionLoad Cell Exc-Load Cell Sig –Load Cell Sig-Load Cell Exc-Shield
ColorRedGreenWhiteBlackThick  Black
Remarks: above color is only for our company load cell

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