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TA8008 Digital fluxmeter

TA8008 Digital Fluxmeter

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By a coil, we can get the flux density  Φ (mWb /mVs) of a magnet in the LCD . Also,With the helmholtz coil, we can get the get the magnetic moment (M) ( / , the magnetic field strength Br (Tesla / kGs ).

Weighing cell connector

Summing Junction Box RW-JX03A

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Introduction Working Environment 1. Several load cells aggregate weighing 2. Install closer to load cell 3. Suitable for adverse circumstances Characterisitics 1. Cast aluminum enclosure, waterproof design and strong sealing against harsh environment 2. Available for a maximum of 3 load cells 3. One road… Read More »Summing Junction Box RW-JX03A


TM5100 Gaussmeter

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Product Description Introduction TM5100 is a portable and multifunctional magnetic field measuring instrument equipped with a high sensitivity, low drift Hall sensor and advanced digital signal processing technology for measuring the surface magnetic field of permanent magnet materials, remanence of mechanical parts, DC constant magnetic… Read More »TM5100 Gaussmeter

TM200W Electromagnet field

Electromagent Field Generator

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Product specifications TM200W type electromagnet (C type structure), under the excitation of the excitation power supply, the magnetic field forms a closed loop, and a uniform strong magnetic field can be generated between the two poles, and the direction of the magnetic field is along… Read More »Electromagent Field Generator


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Profile The solenoid has the characteristics of good uniformity, small volume and high magnetic field. It can generate AC and DC magnetic fields, and the current has a good linear relationship with the magnetic field. It is suitable for various research institutes, universities and enterprises to… Read More »Electro-Solenoid

gm55 gaussmeter

GM55DC Gaussmeter

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A protabel gaussmeter from China. Easy use and efficient test. GM55 Digital Gauss meter Introduction  Gaussmeter is a special instrument used for inspecting & checking flux density ,which is also one of the most universally devices in the field of magnetic measurement.       … Read More »GM55DC Gaussmeter