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GM55DC Gaussmeter

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gm55 gaussmeter

A protabel gaussmeter from China. Easy use and efficient test.

GM55 Digital Gauss meter


Gaussmeter is a special instrument used for inspecting & checking flux density ,which is also one of the most universally devices in the field of magnetic measurement.       

GM55 digital Gaussmeter is controlled by the SCM, which is suitable for handle operation.It can be used to measure DC or permanent magnetic field and flux dencity.The device can be carried on one’s person. It is characterized by its wide measuring range,simple operation and clear display. It is still added with the function of maintenance such as holding Measure Value/Peak Value, As mT or Gs unit of display can be change over, Measuring range of 200mT or 2000mT can be chose, and others that as resetting zero by key and so on. 


Magnetic field distribution of material surface  

Working magnetic field produced fro some instrument that as iron-removing device,magnet-selecting machine, magnet chuck, magnet spool and demagnetizing coil  

Leakage Magnetic iron-surface 

Main Technical Parameter    



Resolution:DC×1 :0.00~200.00mT          0.01mT      

DC×10:0.0~2000.0mT           0.1mT 

Measure description:DC ; Permanet Maget field

Functional description:   


Gs/mT  Unit Convert    

N/S  display (DC)    

Speediness adjust zero  

Ambient Temperature:5℃~40℃     

Relative Humidity:20%~80%  

Power Supply:4* 1.5V AA battary  


Display Mode: 4 1/2 LCD  

Display unit:mT/Gs  

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